Why Rent With Us?

  • We are trying to make life better every day. What matter to you matter to us. We pay attention, admire and act. The Customer Commitment is our promise to deliver following services with great love and care.

Is there any option to choose vehicles?

  • Of course, you have many options for choosing clean, safe and reliable brands of Vehicles.

Is car insurance included in the leasing price?

  • Yes, our vehicles as well as our passengers are fully insured so you don’t need to worry.

Does MVS Pvt. Ltd provide its services 24/7?

  • Yes, we provide service all day long and there won’t be disturbance even if there is holiday.

Can I drive the car myself?

  • Unfortunately you cannot drive yourself, but we provide friendly, well trained and punctual Drivers so there won’t be any kind of problem for your visit.

Do any special terms or conditions apply to my rental?

  • No, the booking and payment system is very easy and there will be fewer formalities for your convenience.

What types of vehicles do yoeu offr?

  • We can provide Green, Black and Red plate vehicles which imply that we can supply vehicles even during strikes.

Where are your locations?

  • Bulbule, Chabahil, Kathmandu
  • Contact No. : +977 1 4488844/4489955/4489966/4489977

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